the exit interview

written by: william missouri downs

directed by: sirena irwin

produced by: andrea hutchman & craig anton

starring: rich hutchman, yumi iwama, davey johnson, catie le orisa, jocelyn o'keefe, ryan phillips, gina torecilla and wayne wilderson.

standbys: beth pennington, pedro

date. 2015

A great show, a real conversation starter. You’ll talk about this one for days. And for the record, I do play the oboe. (You’ll have to see the play to get this.)

Who knew school shootings could be so much gosh darn fun? If you want to get your Brecht on, and have a rip-roaring time, head on down to Hollywood’s Theatre Row for a good laugh – and an idea or two – as the Buzzworkers go for Brecht.

Downs’ rip-roaring send up ricochets with Brechtian interludes and a cast including a quartet of deranged cheerleaders, a pretentious newscaster, soccer moms and German doctors—each addressing universal questions regarding facts, faith and fate in this timely, dark comedy that breaks down all the walls of logic and realism.
LA Theatre Beat

Sirena Irwin directs a stellar cast in a very compelling presentation of the William Missouri Downs classic ‘The Exit Interview.’

Director Sirena Irwin’s cast of eight perform well in a number of roles,... it’s surely funny and thought-provoking. Recommended.

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