invasion of the minnesota normals

written by: jen ellison

directed by: melissa denton

produced by: andrea hutchman 

starring: deb reed, brad reed, rich hutchman, nichole pelerine, anne von herrmann, peter breitmayer, matt quinn, judy heneghan

date. 2008

some reviews...


"Melissa Denton’s deft direction keeps multiple balls in the air, and...the entire cast give great performances, truly eliciting the suburban discontent in a play that is reminiscent of the works of both Tennessee Williams and Edward Albee. Go!"

-LA Weekly

“Funny, thought provoking, wonderfully acted and directed, this production comes with my highest of recommendations.”

– Associated Content

"The Buzzworks Theater Company's Invasion of the Minnesota Normals is a sterling ensemble production"

-Curtain Up

"Melissa Denton directs with a briskness suitable to the brassy characterizations and the play’s one-act, one-night, one-set structure."

-Stage Happenings