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Rich Hutchman

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Rich Hutchman was born in Belfast, N. Ireland, and when the “Troubles” got really bad the

family moved to Detroit… to be safer. Rich attended Kalamazoo College, took all four acting

classes (well, one was a “seminar” but who’s counting), and moved to Chicago to get some

acting work. There he worked with Steppenwolf, Lookingglass, and Red Orchid among others.

Since moving to Los Angeles on the heels of an ill-fated horror movie,he has worked in film and

TV for the last 20 years. Recent TV credits include: Mad Men (Bud Campbell), For the People,

Lethal Weapon, and all the NCISes:). Film credits include: 10 movies that he can thankfully

guarantee you will never see, as well as Seven Pounds, Deja Vu, The Island, and, most

recently, Home. Rich has performed in Pete’s Garage, Invasion of the Minnesota Normals,

Artificial Jungle, and The Exit Interview for Buzzworks. He also produced Munched. He is a

proud Buzzworks Board Member, and wants you to submit your Next Great American Play to us

tout suite:)

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